Bauhaus Villages in the Euroace

Revitalisation and enhancement of the rural fabric in balance with what is urban.

To this end, actions will be developed on the territory in six enclaves of the Euroregion, promoting an interdisciplinary movement that combines aesthetics, tradition and innovation, sustainability, digitalisation, etc. A participatory methodology will also be used, with the involvement of local agents and the intervention of experts and creative workers from outside the territory.


«It is our chance for design to enable great change, to come out stronger by creating opportunities for the world tomorrow»

Ursula von der Leyen

The main purposes of the Village Network are to position the EUROACE as a sustainable territory and healthy territory to live in.


To promote a new way of relating urbanism and environment; to achieve a digitalisation that breaks the urban/rural gap and to achieve functional solutions by means of transformation through art and technology.

The sites chosen for the interventions range from small historic villages to larger towns, county seats and synergy tractors with the surrounding municipalities.



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